Yoga Themes Knowledge Base

Discover yoga themes to improve your yoga classes, yoga practice, and experience in yoga.

"Asana" is Sanskrit for "physical posture"

Discover Asanas and Yoga Sequences

Gundamentals of Asana

Dive deep into the essential basics of yoga poses, or asanas, to build a strong foundation for your practice. Learn proper alignment, transitions, and modifications to safely execute common yoga poses. Enhance your practice and foster body awareness to reap yoga's full benefits.

Sequencing Yoga Classes

Discover the art and science behind arranging yoga poses in a meaningful, safe, and effective order. Improve your practice or classes by understanding the flow, rhythm, and progression of a yoga sequence.

The Ultimate Pec Minor Stretch: Yoga Sequence for a Deep Release

How To Get Rid of Tech Neck: A Comprehensive Yoga-Based Solution

Unlocking Flexibility: Rib Stretches for Yogis

Scalene Stretch Yoga: A Journey to Alleviating Neck Tension

Discover the Benefits of Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health

Advanced Asana

Take your yoga journey a step further with advanced asanas. Learn the intricacies of performing challenging poses, along with preparatory poses, modifications, and tips for safety.

Master the Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana): A Complete Guide

Drishti, Bandhas, & Mudras

Unveil the subtleties of yoga through Drishti (focused gaze), Bandhas (energetic locks), and Mudras (symbolic gestures). Comprehend how these techniques can deepen your practice and facilitate mind-body harmony.

6 Powerful Mudras for Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Hand Symbols 101: Your Comprehensive Introduction to Mudras

Mudras and Hand Positions - What is Hand Meditation?

Yoga Styles

Delve into the myriad styles of yoga, each with unique approaches and benefits. Gain insights to help find or understand the styles that resonate with you, enriching your yoga journey.

Agni Yoga Practices: Igniting Your Inner Fire

"Pranayama" is Sanskrit for "lifeforce control"

Explore Pranayama and Meditation

Pranayama - Breath Control

Breathe life into your yoga practice with Pranayama, the yogic art of breath control. Explore various techniques, understanding their purposes and benefits to cultivate energy, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Breath Easier: How to Loosen a Tight Diaphragm Muscle with Yoga

Meditation Basics

Unlock tranquility and clarity through the practice of meditation. Grasp the fundamental principles, techniques, and benefits of this transformative practice that fosters mental wellbeing.

What is the Goal of Meditation

Guided Meditation

Experience the benefits of meditation through guided journeys. Learn to deepen your focus, enhance relaxation, and cultivate self-awareness with the help of expert-led meditations.

Infinity Breath Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices are a form of meditation that increases awareness and conscientious actions. Learn methods and find inspiration to grow your mindfulness today.

100 Mindfulness Gratitude Quotes

Mindfulness Question for Daily Life

Let's face it, we want to live more naturally as we grow

Conscientious Yoga Products

Yoga Props and Yoga Accessories

Discover the world of yoga props and accessories designed to enhance your practice. Find the ideal yoga props, learn about different props, and how they can facilitate better alignment and ease in your yoga poses.

Yoga Block Exercises: Learn to do Yoga Poses with Blocks

Explore Yoga Strap Poses: Understanding Yoga Strap Essentials

Yoga Mats

Learn more about yoga mats, not just the Flux cork yoga mat by Asivana but also the materials, dimensions, care, and other topics on yoga mats. There is a lot that goes into making the ideal yoga mat, learn from us what we've discovered!

The Cork Yoga Mat Evolution: Are Cork Yoga Mats Good?

The Best Way to Clean Yoga Mats and Care for Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat Dimensions: Your Essential Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

Flux Cork Yoga Mat Care Instructions

"Svadhyaya" is Sanskrit for "self-study"

Self-Study, Personal Growth, and Healing

Your Personal Hero's Journey

Uncover the deep connection between yoga and the hero's journey. Discover how the principles and practice of yoga and the stages of the hero's journey go hand-in-hand in our personal growth journey.

The Hero's Journey Journal Method

The Hero's Journey Yoga Challenge

Personal Stories of Growth and Healing

Be inspired by personal stories of transformation, growth, and healing through yoga. Discover the power of yoga to bring about physical, mental, and spiritual change.

The Art of Self-Study

Embark on a journey of self-study or Svadhyaya, a vital element in yoga. Learn techniques to understand and transform yourself, fostering personal growth and self-awareness.

What to Write in a Yoga Journal: From My Experience

Chakras as Energy Vortexes of the Body

Unravel the mysteries of the Chakras, the seven energy centers in your body according to yogic philosophy. Learn their locations, significances, and techniques to balance them for holistic wellness.

A Chakra Mudra Journey: Powerful Mudras for Chakras