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92.5% Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant

92.5% Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant

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The Sterling Silver Lotus Pendant elegantly reflects the sacred lotus flower loved for its deep spiritual significance. This symbol represents purity, enlightenment, and the ability to rise above challenges, much like the lotus emerges pristine from murky waters.

Crafted from 92.5% sterling silver, the pendant shines with a polished finish that mirrors the serene and untouched beauty of the lotus itself. Its design makes it both a meaningful and shining addition to any jewelry collection.

Material: 92.5% Sterling Silver
Symbol: Lotus
Pantheon: Hinduism
Wearability: Suitable for Everyday Use
Finish: Polished and Tarnish-resistant

This Lotus Pendant is a beautiful tribute to personal growth and spiritual awakening, ideal for those who value the symbolism of new beginnings and purity in their lives.

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