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Flux™ Cork Yoga Mat

Can't find stability on your mat when your practice heats up?

Your yoga mat should not be taking your focus away from the poses. Whether the mat is sliding around, your hands are slipping, or your towel just doesn't stay flat this is not an enjoyable experience.

I found the perfect solution for this, after years of testing, the cork yoga mat- a stable and non-slip experience awaits you.

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Feel Empowered in Every Pose

With the Flux Cork Yoga Mat's natural grip, immerse yourself fully in your yoga class having a renewed connection with your yoga practice. Feel the grip of natural cork, holding you steady in place so you can go further inward.

Asivana Yoga Company Flux Cork Yoga Mat Jack Utermoehl

Enhance Your Yoga Journey

Find the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and non-slip grip with our cork yoga mats, designed for all yoga styles. Asivana's eco-conscious products set the stage for a transformative experience, empowering you to reach new heights on your yoga journey.

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