Bhakti House Yoga Studio

Bhakti House is a yoga studio where wellness seekers unite to ignite inner light through yoga, self-study, and health.

We're dedicated to fostering a community that encourages self-discovery and meaningful connections.

Our mission is to inspire, uplift, and nurture through immersive yoga experiences, educational workshops, and conscious gatherings.

With a diverse range of yoga classes and unique approach to wellness, Bhakti House Yoga Studio, brought to you by Asivana Yoga, invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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Discover a Path that Resonates with You

At Bhakti House Yoga Studio, we believe in yoga for everyone. Our range of classes caters to all levels, interests, and ages, allowing each person to find their unique path to health and wellness

Weekly Yoga Classes

Whether you seek the flowing rhythms of Vinyasa yoga, the soothing calm of Yin yoga, the traditional alignment of Hatha yoga, or the nurturing restfulness of Restorative yoga, our expert instructors guide you through transformative experiences tailored to your needs.

Yoga for Retirees

Embrace the golden years with our gentle and chair yoga classes. These mindful practices are crafted with care to keep you flexible, balanced, and joyful, regardless of age or mobility.

Yoga Immersions and Workshops

Dive deeper into the practice of yoga with our immersive events and yoga workshops. Explore new dimensions of self-discovery, refine your practice, or delve into specialized topics, all under the expert guidance of seasoned practitioners.

Yoga Teacher Continued Education

Elevate your teaching skills with our yoga teacher continued education programs. Stay up-to-date of the latest techniques, deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy, and earn continued education credits with Yoga Alliance to enhance your classes. Commit to growth, and let us guide you to new heights in your teaching journey.

  • Jack Utermoehl Founder of Asivana Yoga Poses in Tadasana in Nashik India

    Jack Utermoehl

    Hi, I'm Jack, an adventurer at heart, transformed through Vinyasa and Bhakti, now sharing my journey as the founder of Asivana Yoga and Bhakti House. Join me on this path of exploration, connection, and self-discovery.

  • Natalia Yoga Teacher for Bhakti House Yoga in Anjali Mudra

    Natalia Cavaliere

    Hi there, my name is Natalia - a local yoga and meditation guide here in the Grand Valley! My passion is helping my community integrate the teachings of yoga into their daily lives through mindful movement, introspection and breath.

  • Lauren Gausselin Yoga Teacher for Bhakti House Yoga Studio

    Lauren Gausselin

    Hi! My name is Lauren. I am elated to begin sharing mySelf here in the Valley! A pinnacle of my inspiration comes from rhythm, movement, and writing. This action of play is one that I love to share in hopes that you feel welcomed to do the same!

  • Maksim Z

    A certified Yoga Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Counselor, and Sound Healer. With a holistic and compassionate approach to health, Maksim works collaboratively with his clients to help them overcome life’s challenges and develop powerful health routines.

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Bhakti House Yoga Studio heart string kirtan for summer solstice celebration

A gathering of hearts and minds

Gather - Satsang

Satsang, or gathering of community, lies at Bhakti House's core.

We embrace an environment of respect and openness, offering avenues for profound connections and meaningful conversations, from yoga discussion groups to experiential immersions.

Find your next yoga class with us!

Bhakti House Yoga Studio during yoga workshop to craft flower crowns for summer solstice celebration

Experience the power of

Tribe - Kula

Kula, our tribe, is the heart of who we are.

More than a membership, it's a loving and supportive community that thrives on shared experiences and mutual growth.

Here, you find your tribe.

Bhakti House Yoga Studio slow flow yoga savasana in backyard during full moon ceremony

Ignite your inner light

Joy - Ananda

Ananda, the joy within, is what we strive for at Bhakti House.

This joy transcends yoga, manifesting in daily life and our interactions.

From serene moments to vibrant laughter, Ananda permeates all we do.