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Summer's Rising Yoga Immersion || Friday, May 10th

Summer's Rising Yoga Immersion || Friday, May 10th

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Friday, May 10th

Summer's Rising is a celebration of the return of summer, marking a time of energetic activity and the gathering of our community in unity and joy.

It's an opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and with friends, embracing the warm and exciting energy of the season.

Immerse yourself in yoga with a variety of offerings.

Join us for all or part of the evening and experience the depth of our local Grand Valley yoga teachers. Bring a friend or meet a new friend!

SCHEDULE (5:00 - 10:00 PM)

5:00 PM || Doors Open Tea & Social Time

5:30 PM || Pinch Pot Meditation with Lori

6:00 PM || Slow Flow Yoga with Natalia

6:45 PM || Drum Circle with Kendra

7:30 PM || Ayurvedic Tea Experience with Maksim

8:00 PM || Vedic Fire Ceremony with Jack

8:15 PM || Integration Meditation with Chessie

8:30 PM || Ecstatic Threads with Lauren

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Bhakti House Yoga Studio

Bhakti House is a place for people interested in yoga, meditation, and spirituality to gather and share in their personal journey through life. We’re an open and supportive community that welcomes all.

We host immersive yoga experiences, discussion groups, weekly classes, and workshops.

Our Core Values
Joy - Ananda
Community - Kula
Gathering - Satsang

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