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The "Simple" Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

The "Simple" Yoga Mat Carrying Strap

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🎒 Your Yoga Companion: Say hello to simplicity with our "Simple" Yoga Mat Carrying Strap. Crafted for yogis on the go, this mat carrier turns your journey to the studio into a walk in the park.

💭 Fits Like a Dream: Say goodbye to fumbling with extra straps or buckles. Our adjustable loop design embraces any yoga mat size, offering a snug and secure fit. Now, isn't that simple?

Quick as a Flash: Whether you're a yoga newbie or a seasoned practitioner, our "Simple" strap has got your back. Effortless to attach and detach, you'll be on your way to your next class in a cinch.

💫 Light yet Mighty: We've married strength with feather-lightness. Crafted from premium materials, our "Simple" strap supports your mat reliably, without adding an ounce to your load.

🚀 Unleash Convenience: Roll out your mat anywhere - from parks to studios - with the "Simple" strap by your side. Transform your practice by focusing less on the carry and more on the yoga.

Welcome an era of simplicity in your yoga journey with the "Simple" Yoga Mat Carrying Strap. Embrace the ease today and let your yoga experience soar!"


Simple no-nonsense function

Easy-to-use loop system that secures your mat in place

Made from premium and durable webbing- built to last

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials


Length: 35" (~25" between loops)

Thickness: 5mm

Width: #"

Weight: 2.5 oz


100% Polyester

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Keep It Simple, Superstar

Experience the freedom of hassle-free mat transportation. An uncomplicated solution to carrying your mat. It doesn't get any more Simple than that!

We Love to keep it Simple and

You're welcome to keep it simple too 😌

Perfect Fit, Every Time

Feel the ease as the 'Simple' strap adjusts seamlessly to your yoga mat, regardless of its size. Say goodbye to fiddling with extra buckles and hello to a snuggly fitted strap!

Smooth Transitions

Experience the simplicity of effortlessly attaching and detaching the strap is a cinch to use. Attach, detach, and you're ready to roll – or unroll!

In it for the Journey

Crafted from sturdy, top-tier materials the "Simple" mat carrying strap will not fail you.

Hassle-free Use

Say goodbye to cumbersome ties and clips. The 'Simple' strap saves your time for what truly matters – your yoga practice.

Elevate your Practice

Enhance your yoga journey with the convenience of the "Simple" carrying strap, perfect for transporting your mat to studios, parks, or any other location where you wish to practice.

Embrace Simplicity

  • Flow with Ease

  • Yoga Anywhere

  • Versatile Vibes