The Hero's Journey Journal Method

The Hero's Journey Journal Method

Hello fellow yogis! I want to share a personal practice that has profoundly enhanced my journey of self-transformation - the hero's journey journal method.

Why am I writing about this? I've discovered that this journaling method can transform our understanding of life's challenges, helping us discover our strengths, conquer fears, and ultimately, embrace our transformation.

I've written about what to write in a yoga journal before but this is more focused. The hero's journey journal is a journaling tool I've found incredibly valuable, and my goal is to inspire you to explore journaling in a whole new way!

The Power of the Hero's Journey

The concept of the hero's journey comes from the work of Joseph Campbell, a renowned mythologist. He found a common narrative pattern in myths worldwide, a pattern he called the Hero's Journey. It's a universal story of transformation, a metaphor for our personal journeys of growth and change, a human being’s story.

From my experience, applying this pattern to journaling has a transformative power, providing a roadmap for personal growth and self-understanding. In essence, the hero's journey journal method is a unique approach to journaling, a process that helps you navigate the challenges, adventures, and transformative experiences in your life.

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The Purpose of a Hero's Journey Journal

Journaling is a reflection of our inner experience being expressed externally so that we can better understand internally. It's not merely a record of daily events; instead, it's a tool for reflection, providing insights into our individual journeys of self-discovery and growth.

Mapping Your Personal Journey

Much like our journey on the yoga mat, life off the mat also involves constant growth, change, and yes, even struggle. The hero's journey journal method is a way to map this personal journey, helping us visualize our path and see how far we've come and where we’re going. It allows us to trace our steps through the stages of the hero's journey - from the initial call to adventure, through the challenges and triumphs, to the final transformation.

Nurturing Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

A critical element in our yoga practice is mindfulness - the ability to be fully present in the moment. The hero's journey journal method helps nurture this mindfulness off the mat as well. As we journal, we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. We start noticing patterns, uncovering deeper motivations, and recognizing our strengths and areas for growth.

Empowering Personal Growth

Finally, the most potent purpose of the hero's journey journal method is its ability to empower personal growth. When I began using this journaling method, I noticed a profound change. It was as if the journal gave me the power to navigate life's challenges with more grace and resilience. It helped me understand that every challenge is an opportunity for growth, a stepping stone in my path to unleashing my own inner hero.

Understanding the Hero's Journey

I want to take a moment to briefly cover the hero's journey and why it is so powerful to journal using the journey as a framework. The hero's journey is a concept outlined by Joseph Campbell in his book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces''. While studying mythology from various cultures, Campbell discovered a common narrative that transcended time and space. 

This pattern can be seen in almost every popular movie, book, TV show, and story. George LucasStar Wars A New Hope is a prime example of the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is a universal narrative of personal transformation and growth. Which is why it’s so powerful for us to use as a framework for journaling.

heros journey journal method a journaling guide to personal growth transformation heros journey diagram

The Core Stages of the Hero's Journey

The hero's journey consists of twelve stages. Each stage represents a different phase of the hero's journey shown in a circle but it’s more like a spiral. Here's a brief overview of each stage.

The Ordinary World

This is where the hero's journey begins. It's your current status quo - the comfortable, familiar routines and patterns of your daily life. However, there is often an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction or yearning for something more.

Call to Adventure

A challenge, change, or realization disrupts your ordinary world, serving as a call to a new adventure. It might be a new opportunity, a sudden change in circumstances, or a personal insight that compels you to seek a different path.

Refusal of the Call

Despite the severity of the call to adventure, there's usually some resistance or fear. This stage involves grappling with self-doubt, fear of the unknown, or external obstacles that make the adventure seem too daunting to undertake.

Crossing the Threshold

This stage signifies the hero's commitment to embark on the adventure, stepping out of the familiar and into the unknown. Threshold guardians, or tests of resolve, may appear, challenging the hero's decision to embark on this journey.

Meeting the Mentor

The hero encounters a guide or mentor who provides advice, wisdom, or tools to help navigate the journey ahead. This mentor can be a person, a book, a spiritual practice like yoga, or even an inner source of wisdom.


As the hero ventures into the unknown, they face a series of tests or challenges. These trials serve to strengthen the hero, revealing unknown strengths and promoting growth and learning.


During the journey, the hero may face temptations that distract or lure them off the path. These could be old habits, easy ways out, or short-term pleasures that threaten to derail the hero's journey.

Revelation / Turning Point

At the very heart of the journey, in the metaphorical abyss, the hero experiences a major revelation or turning point. This might be a deep personal insight, a profound realization, or a critical decision that changes the course of the journey.


The revelation leads to a transformation - a shift in understanding, perspective, or self-perception. The hero is not the same person they were when they started the journey.


Following transformation, the hero reaches a state of atonement, achieving a sense of harmony, balance, or acceptance. They've confronted their deepest fears or challenges and emerged stronger and wiser.

Gift of the Goddess

The hero receives a reward or gift - the wisdom, skills, or personal growth achieved through the journey. It could be an improved yoga practice, a deeper sense of self-understanding, or a newfound sense of purpose.

The Return

Finally, the hero returns to the ordinary world, armed with the new wisdom or gifts. They use these to improve their world, sharing their wisdom with others and applying their learnings to their daily life.

Understanding these stages of the Hero's Journey provides a powerful framework for your journaling practice. As you navigate your personal journey, remember - you are the hero of your own story, and each challenge, revelation, and transformation is a vital part of your path.

The Hero's Journey as a Metaphor for Personal Growth

When I first came across the hero's journey, I was studying with my friend and teacher Manoj Chalam to better understand non-dual philosophy and the philosophy of Hindu and Buddhist archetypes. We discussed these concepts at depth and placed them into the Hero’s Journey concept which you can see in a diagram that I created below.

heros journey journal method a journaling guide to personal growth transformation heros journey diagram by murtis and vedanta

Through this discussion, contemplation, and study, I developed the hero's journey journal method that we are about to start.

How to Start Your Hero's Journey Journal

Find a Yoga Journal That Resonates With You

The first step is to find a journal that resonates with you. Just as we choose our yoga mat, the journal should feel comfortable and inviting. For me, I prefer the Inner Hero’s Yoga Journal which is made with fully sustainable harvesting practices and feels amazing to the touch with a linen cover. I designed it myself!

Remember, this journal will become a sacred space for your thoughts and reflections, so choose one that feels right for you.

Familiarize Yourself With the Hero's Journey Stages

To use the hero's journey as a framework for journaling, start by familiarizing yourself with the twelve stages I mentioned earlier. Consider each stage and how it might relate to your own life and yoga practice. I found it helpful to write a brief description of each stage in the first few pages of my journal for reference.

Reflect on Your Current Stage

Take a moment to reflect on your current stage in the hero's journey. Are you feeling the call to a new adventure, facing a significant challenge, or experiencing a transformation? There's no right or wrong here - just be honest with yourself. And if nothing is coming to you, that’s ok too.

Journal Regularly

Aim to write in your yoga journal regularly. It could be daily, weekly, or whenever you feel the need. I've found that consistency helps in observing patterns and noticing shifts. Plus, just like our yoga practice, the more consistent we are, the deeper we can be.

Write Freely and Honestly

Write freely and honestly. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, or whether what you're writing makes sense. What matters is expressing your thoughts and emotions authentically. Think of your hero’s journey journal as a safe space, a non-judgmental listener. Let your thoughts flow.

Use Prompts If Needed

If you're not sure what to write, you can use prompts related to each stage of the hero's journey. Speaking of prompts, I’ve got some below for you to start with.

Inner Hero Yoga Journal Asivana Notebook heros journey journal method

Writing Prompts for Each Stage of the Hero's Journey

Grab your hero’s journey journal, yogi. You might want to focus on just one of these stages or go through each one. I would recommend starting either where you feel you are at in your journey today or if you want to get a big picture view, go through each one.

The Ordinary World

  1. Describe your 'Ordinary World.' What does your daily life look like currently?
  2. What aspects of your life feel comfortable and familiar? What aspects feel unfulfilling or monotonous?

Call to Adventure

  1. What disruptions, opportunities, or realizations have presented themselves recently?
  2. How do you feel about these changes or challenges? Excited? Overwhelmed? Curious?

Refusal of the Call

  1. What fears or doubts hold you back from accepting the 'Call to Adventure'?
  2. How might these fears be limiting your growth or potential?

Crossing the Threshold

  1. How have you pushed past your initial fears or doubts to embrace the adventure?
  2. Have there been any 'threshold guardians' or initial tests of resolve? How did you overcome them?

Meeting the Mentor

  1. Who or what has served as a guide or mentor on your journey?
  2. What lessons or tools have they provided to assist you?


  1. What challenges have you faced on your journey so far?
  2. How have these challenges tested your strengths or revealed your weaknesses?


  1. What temptations have tried to lure you off your path?
  2. How have you navigated these distractions or obstacles?

Revelation / Turning Point

  1. Describe a significant revelation, realization, or decision that has changed the course of your journey.
  2. How did this turning point impact you?


  1. How have you changed or transformed since starting your journey?
  2. In what ways do you feel different from when you started?


  1. How have you achieved a sense of balance or harmony on your journey?
  2. What fears or challenges have you confronted and made peace with?

Gift of the Goddess

  1. What wisdom, skills, or personal growth have you gained through your journey?
  2. How has this 'gift' impacted your life?

The Return

  1. As you 'return' to your ordinary world, how do you plan to use your newfound wisdom or skills?
  2. In what ways can you share the fruits of your journey with others?

These prompts are starting points. Feel free to adapt them to your personal experiences and insights. Your hero's journey journal is a reflection of your unique and authentic path. Happy journaling!

heros journey journal method a journaling guide to personal growth transformation Inner Heros yoga journal

Benefits of Journaling Through Your Hero's Journey

I've found journaling to be an immensely valuable tool. It provides clarity, encourages self-discovery, and aids in personal growth. But when I started journaling through the framework of the hero's journey, I noticed a profound shift in my own transformation. Here are some of the benefits I've experienced and seen in others:

Fostering Self-Understanding

The hero's journey journal method has served as a mirror for my own personal growth. By reflecting on each stage, I've gained a deeper understanding of my motivations, fears, and strengths. This self-understanding has allowed me to navigate life's challenges with greater ease and confidence.

Facilitating Personal Growth

By journaling through the hero's journey, I've been able to consciously engage with my own personal growth. I've identified areas of strength and opportunities for growth. This has empowered me to become a more self-aware and balanced individual.

Therapeutic Processing

Writing about personal experiences in the context of the hero's journey has been a therapeutic process for me. It's helped me manage my emotions, reduce stress, and improve my overall mental health.

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Looking at my life's challenges and decisions through the lens of the hero's journey has provided fresh perspectives. It's helped me see problems as part of my journey of growth, making them less daunting and more manageable.

Empowering Goal Setting and Achievement

The hero's journey journal has been a valuable tool for setting and achieving personal goals. Each stage serves as a step towards my goal, providing a clear path for my progress. It's like a roadmap to my personal transformation.

Building Resilience

Journaling through the hero's journey has also helped me build resilience. Recognizing my ability to navigate life's challenges and grow from them has given me the confidence to handle future difficulties.

Inspiring Creativity and Storytelling

As someone who enjoys storytelling, the hero's journey has offered a structure for crafting compelling narratives. It's helped me understand the underlying patterns in effective storytelling and enhanced my creativity.

heros journey journal method a journaling guide to personal growth transformation writing in inner heros yoga journal

Tips for Making the Most of the Hero's Journey Journal Method

As we continue on this journey, I want to share some tips that have helped me make the most of my hero's journey journal.

Embrace Honesty and Openness

Honesty is crucial when journaling. Remember, this is your personal space, so feel free to express your thoughts and feelings openly. Being honest with yourself can bring about profound self-discovery and growth while lying and deceiving yourself will only leave you stuck where you are.

Regularity is Key

Just as a regular yoga practice yields the best results, the same applies to journaling. Try to write regularly, whether it's daily, weekly, or whenever you feel the need. The consistency will help you notice patterns and gain a deeper understanding of your journey.

It's Your Journal, Your Rules

Don't feel pressured to follow a certain format or style. This is your journal, so feel free to make it your own. You can write, draw, use bullet points - whatever helps you express your thoughts and feelings best.

Review Your Entries

Take some time to review your past entries. This can offer valuable insights into your progress, showing you how far you've come. It's rewarding to see your growth and the challenges you've overcome.

Be Patient with Yourself

Personal growth and transformation don't happen overnight. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. Remember, it's not about rushing to the end but about embracing each stage of the journey.

Use Prompts If Needed

If you're unsure what to write, use the prompts I provided in the previous sections. They're there to inspire you and guide your reflections.

Keep it Private

Your hero's journey journal is a sacred space for your thoughts and reflections. You don't need to share it with anyone unless you choose to. This can help you feel safe to express your innermost thoughts and feelings.

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Common Challenges for the Hero’s Journey Journal Method

Like any new practice, starting the hero's journey journal method can present its own challenges. I've faced my fair share of hurdles when I began this process, and I've seen my fellow yogis encounter similar obstacles. Here are some common challenges you might face and my advice on how to overcome them.

Lack of Consistency

It's not uncommon to start journaling with enthusiasm only to find the frequency dwindling over time. The key to overcoming this is setting a realistic journaling schedule that fits your lifestyle. Even a few minutes each day can be a good start. I've found that attaching journaling to an existing habit, like a morning cup of tea, can help maintain consistency.

Not Knowing What to Write

Sometimes, you might find yourself staring at a blank page, unsure of what to write. This is where the hero's journey stages and the writing prompts I provided can be useful. They're designed to inspire reflection on different aspects of your journey. And remember, there's no right or wrong here. Write whatever comes to mind.

Feeling Self-Conscious

Journaling can make us confront parts of ourselves we're not always comfortable with. It's important to remember that your yoga journal is a private, safe space for self-expression. There's no need for self-censorship. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. I've found that it's often in these moments of vulnerability that we gain the most valuable insights.

Struggling to See Progress

You might be journaling for a while and not see any significant change or progress. Remember, personal growth is often more like steps up rather than a gradual slope. Reviewing your past entries can help you see how far you've come. Trust the process and keep going.

Running Out of Inspiration

There might be days when you lack the motivation or inspiration to write. It's okay to take a break if needed. Find other sources of inspiration - it could be a walk in nature, a yoga class, or even a good book. And remember, even a few lines about your day can be enough.

heros journey journal method a journaling guide to personal growth transformation Inner heros yoga journal on floor

Hero’s Journey Journal Voyage

We all have our unique path in life, and each of us is on our own personal hero's journey. As we navigate the stages of this journey, a journal can serve as a loyal companion, a mirror reflecting our growth, and a roadmap guiding our way.

In my own journey, journaling has been an invaluable tool for reflection and transformation. I encourage you to give the hero’s journey journal method a try and witness its power firsthand. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, a yoga teacher, or someone just beginning their yoga journey, journaling can offer insights and inspiration on your path.

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I would love your support, I invite you to check out the Inner Hero's Yoga Journal that I created for my own journaling journey. This FSC certified, sustainably made, and beautifully linen covered journal is designed to support you on your journey. It's more than just a journal - it's a space for reflection, a catalyst for growth, and a celebration of your unique journey.

May your hero's journey journal become a cherished companion on your path to growth and transformation.



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