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92.5% Sterling Silver Eye of Ra Disc Pendant

92.5% Sterling Silver Eye of Ra Disc Pendant

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The Eye of Ra Disc Pendant embodies potent symbols of protection, creation, and feminine energy. Representing the Eye of Ra, this ancient Egyptian symbol signifies the sun's role in growth, fertility, and birth, akin to the nurturing aspects of the female body. According to Egyptian mythology, the first people emerged from the tears of Ra.

Crafted from 92.5% sterling silver, this pendant is both durable and polished, while finished to resist tarnishing. It serves as a daily wearable symbol that connects the wearer to the powerful, life-giving forces it represents.

Material: 92.5% Sterling Silver
Symbol: Eye of Ra
Pantheon: Egyptian
Wearability: Suitable for Everyday Use
Finish: Polished and Tarnish-resistant

This pendant is ideal for anyone drawn to the rich symbolism of ancient Egyptian spirituality, offering a daily reminder of protection and the sacred feminine power.

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