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92.5% Sterling Silver Flower of Life Pendant

92.5% Sterling Silver Flower of Life Pendant

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The Flower of Life Pendant is a sacred geometric symbol that represents the fractal nature of reality. Within each circle is a reflection of all the other circles. Found in many cultures around the world, this sacred geometry pattern depicts the fundamental forms of space and time, and is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings.

This 92.5% sterling silver pendant serves as a meditation on interconnectivity and a tool for personal growth and enlightenment. The high-polish, tarnish-resistant finish enhances its delicate lines, ensuring that it remains a durable and inspiring part of your spiritual practice.

Material: 92.5% Sterling Silver
Symbol: Flower of Life
Pantheon: Sacred Geometry
Wearability: Suitable for Everyday Use
Finish: Polished and Tarnish-resistant

Ideal for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their place in the cosmos, this Flower of Life Pendant is a beautiful reminder of our universal connection and the beauty of life itself.

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