Complete list of all Yoga Festivals, Yoga Conferences, and Yoga Events

Complete List of Yoga Festivals

Jack Utermoehl
Kula Yoga Festival
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What is a Yoga Festival?
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How Yoga Festivals Create Lasting Change

Hello Yogis and Yoginis!

I created this comprehensive list of yoga festivals in North America because I love yoga festivals, I participate as a vendor and presenter,Β AND I believe that yoga festivals bring us together as a community to share our experience and love of yoga.

I hope this yoga festival directory serves to direct you to the yoga festival that resonates most with you.

I update the list at least once a month for your convenience. I have a list for each year and will keep it updated even after festivals have passed.

If your festival is not listed please contact the Asivana team to get it added.


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Awesome list Thank you!

Lauren K Adamo

Thank you so much for this!!! Which ones would be your top 3 festivals?

Pia Barton

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